Basketball Academy Vizura, Belgrade

    Custom trainings for children, students, professional players and teams

    Our system of education and training could greatly benefit basketball players of all ages who have the desire to improve theis skills. Whether you come alone, with a friends or as a team to Vizura Basketball Academy for a weeks or month, a whole school year or for intense training, you will experience a high level of development that you will never forget.

    Your basketball skills, game, body and mind will get to the next level and you will join many of the world's best basketball players that have come back for more.

    Today, Vizura Basketball Academy is major force and regional leader in the basketball player development.


    Choose the program that best suits you or your team, by time, level or specific style depending on geolocation.
    Our team of experts is available throughout the duration of the preparatory programs. We also offer programs for trainers for the purpose of professional and personal development.

    Certified training process

    Our coaches and training experts who are involved in the training process at our basketball academy

    Aleksandar Glišić

    Head coach

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Belgrade | Serbia| FIBA Coach

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    Dušan Petrović

    Coach / Assistant

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Belgrade | Serbia
    Work with junior/senior selection

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    Ivan Pijanec

    Strength and conditioning coach

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Pirot | Serbia
    Individual work with athletes

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