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    Coaching development

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    Basketball academy: Program for coaches

    Cocahing development

    Unlike previous programs, this program is designed for coaching development. Includes following the Academy program, as well as actively participating in same. It consists of following the training of one of our top coaches, visiting coaching clinics, seminars and training courses.

    Certified training process

    Our coaches and training experts who are involved in the training process at our basketball academy

    Aleksandar Glišić

    Head coach

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Belgrade | Serbia| FIBA Coach

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    Dušan Petrović

    Coach / Assistant

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Belgrade | Serbia
    Work with junior/senior selection

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    Ivan Pijanec

    Strength and conditioning coach

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Pirot | Serbia
    Individual work with athletes

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